Eight Reasons You Should Be Ashamed for Missing Comfortech 2008

I’ve been going to Comfortech for 10 straight years, and I’ve learned how these things operate. I know the “sneaky” things they don’t put in their glossy brochures.

So they asked me to “write something” on Comfortech, but failed to give me boundaries, and instructions. (I bet they don’t make that mistake again!) With that, here’s my expos on what REALLY goes on at Comfortech and why you should make sure you don’t miss out on the action.

1. You might learn something. That’s right. You THINK you’re coming to have fun and get away… but NOOOO! Sometimes you’re given the option to go to a seminar and see how someone overcame a business obstacle, or found an easier path around a difficult problem. In fact, some seminars are led by consultants who are usually PAID to solve problems for contractors, but here’s the catch: at Comfortech, you don’t have to pay them!

2. You might make some money Here we go. I’ve been to some seminars where the leader will share – right in front of the whole room – how they created an additional income stream, gained incredible service efficiencies, or stumbled onto an upsell that customers actually wanted. Many will even give handouts, lists, guidelines, or free follow-ups to help attendees do it too.

3. You might network with vendors, hosts, and friends. Oh sure, who needs more friends or contacts? Discovering the absolute latest in HVAC trends, miracle tools, money saving or moneymaking gadgets is for the birds. Why not just “find out” later from your former customers after they already went with your cutting-edge competitors? Comfortech puts all these people under one roof, at one time, for 3 action packed days. Isn’t that reason enough to get a front row seat?

4. You might focus. What was I saying? Oh, yes, going to Comfortech means you’d miss all those daily interruptions, distractions, emails, office intrusions, and customer issues. Why miss all that? People who go to Comfortech regularly tell me that they can actually find time to think about the bigger picture.

5. You might buy something. – WARNING: There are things for sale at Comfortech that aid business success. Contractors see tools to help speed a job; they find resources for specialized profit centers; they even build business alliances with people whose services help them make more money, in less time, while building a more valuable, less-stressful business. On top of this…

6. You might enjoy yourself (too much in some cases). There are times, and I am not making this up, that I’ve heard laughter at Comfortech. One time and I won’t name names, but Charlie Greer, Drew Cameron, and Jeff Lee (three of the aforementioned “experts”) made me laugh so hard that a distilled beverage came out of my nostrils. To top it off, a photographer person caught this on film, and in 3 more payments I’ll own the rights to it.

At the attractions, dinners, and entertainment you’ll see people having fun and enjoying each other’s company, exchanging business cards, promising to stay in touch.

7. You might want to come back. Each year I go to Comfortech, I see many of the same wonderful people. Upon getting to know many of them, they also happen to be the market leaders in their towns. Coincidence?

Sure, they could easily say they’re far too busy to “spare” 3 days away. They could come up with several invented excuses to stay home. Yet they don’t, because they know this list full well, having experienced each item repeatedly, and seeing the fruits of time and money very well invested. They return, because Comfortech pays for itself in many ways, measurable and not.

8. Someone’s going to get a Complete Yellow Page Ad Makeover. Want to DOUBLE your Yellow Page leads? Hopefully you submitted your ad already. We might pick your ad to get a fresh makeover guaranteed to double your Yellow Page leads. Simply Fax your ad to 1-334-262-1115 or email to [email protected] . ALL who enter get a free critique. You CAN ENTER while AT Comfortech too, but why wait? Not bad, especially when you consider the only thing invested on your part was a little time.

So gather yourself, a pair, or a group and come to Atlanta. You won’t learn anything new staying at home, and you’ll never know what you’re missing. In fact, if you come and don’t think this was your best investment of 2008, come tell me at booth 132, and I will buy you the beverage of your choice… some of which you might get to swallow. Hope to see you there.

Adams Hudson is president of Hudson Ink, a leading contractor marketing firm. He will be performing marketing critiques and evaluations free of charge at his Comfortech Booth #132, plus giving away a complete Yellow Page ad makeover. Get his free marketing newsletter by faxing your request on company letterhead to 1-334-262-1115 or calling 1-800-489-9099. Many free marketing reports are at www.hudsonink.com.

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