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EMCOR Services/Aircond Corporation Smyrna, GA

EMCOR Services/Aircond Corporation Smyrna, GA

2006 Runner Up

Duni Group, Thomaston, GA

Duni is a leading global company that provides food packaging concepts. Duni's manufacturing plant in Thomaston, GA consists of a 78,540 sq.ft. extruding production area, a 69,960 sq.ft. warehouse storage area and 15,860 sq.ft. of office area.

Duni's production requirements outgrew the capacity of the existing production equipment and plans were made to expand production into the adjacent warehouse storage area. EMCOR Services/Aircond Corp. was called in to handle the HVAC aspects of the project.

After a thorough survey and discussions with key production and administrative personnel, Aircond established the following primary design goals:

  • Convert from air-cooled to chilled-water for efficiency and redundancy.
  • Consider strategically placed floor-mounted air turnover units to provide good air movement at the floor level, and to significantly reduce total fan horsepower.
  • Install new air handling units for the office area and replace the existing air distribution boxes with VAV terminal units and new diffusers.
  • Install a digital control building automation system to provide tight control limits for comfort cooling in the plant and office area, as well as monitor and maintain temperature control of the three process control loops.
  • Install a plate-frame heat exchanger to provide plant and office cooling in the cooler months of the year and process cooling in the winter.
  • Provide chiller redundancy and the capability to expand the system for future cooling in an additional, existing large unconditioned storage area.

This installation was completed without disruption of Duni's 24 / 7 / 365 manufacturing operation.


  • 2 York centrifugal chillers
  • Evapco cooling tower
  • 8 Bell & Gossett pumps
  • Alfa Laval heat exchanger
  • 5 Powermatic air-turnover units
  • 5 York air handling units
  • 30 Titus VAV units
  • Tour Andover DDC controls
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