EMCOR's Mesa Energy Systems WinsAT&T Data Center Project

EMCOR Group, Inc. reports that its EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems subsidiary has been awarded a contract for an energy efficient air handling system upgrade at AT&T's Internet Data Center located in Irvine, CA.

EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems will be responsible for installing an air cooled chilled water system that minimizes energy usage while maximizing the system's response capability at AT&T’s Internet Data Center, a mission critical facility.

The project will include replacing eight, 300-ton chillers with new high-efficiency chillers, installing variable frequency drives on pumps, as well as chiller plant controls system. The upgrade will involve implementation of a sequence of operations strategies to manage both primary and secondary chilled water flow, minimize bypass flow, and optimize the efficiency of the system.

“We’re pleased to have been chosen for this project for AT&T’s Internet Data Center, where we’ll have the opportunity to provide our valued client with an energy efficient system and equipment,” said Robert Lake, President of EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems. “With a significant portion of the data center’s energy usage being consumed by cooling systems and air management, we look forward to helping reduce its total energy usage.”

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