Emerson Celebrates One Million Installations of Copeland Scroll Digital® Compressors

Emerson Climate Technologies announces that its Copeland Scroll Digital® compressors has reached the significant global milestone of one million units installed over the last 10 years.

A proven leader in commercial modulation, Copeland Scroll Digital compressors are installed across a diverse range of commercial applications, including rooftop air conditioning units, chillers, transport sea containers, variable refrigerant flow mini-splits, precision cooling data center units and mobile military units. The broad product line of compressors ranging from 3-15 HP, with tandems up to 30 HP, provide precise capacity modulation, along with the inherent reliability and efficiency benefits of Copeland Scroll® technology.

Copeland Scroll Digital compressors increase HVAC system efficiency by precisely matching compressor output to heating or cooling needs. Up to 30% more efficient than traditional hot-gas-bypass methods, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor can precisely hold temperatures to within ½ degree Fahrenheit. With the ability to modulate capacity between 10 and 100 percent, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor is perfect for buildings or rooms that experience widely varying loads or where tight temperature and humidity control are needed.

"The success of this compressor over the decade is tied directly to our ability to meet user demands for increased temperature and comfort control," said Bart Powelson, director of Commercial Air Conditioning Marketing for Emerson Climate Technologies. "We are proud to have created a product line that is offered by dozens of OEMs due to its precise capacity control and marked by its success in even the most demanding applications like transport sea containers and close control data center units."


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