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Emerson Climate Technologies, GEA Consulting Enter Partnership

Emerson Climate Technologies, Sidney, OH, has announced a strategic partnership between its Design Services Network and Global Engineering Associates Consulting (GEA). The partnership is designed to enhance and extend the engineering, testing and design capabilities of both companies.

Emerson’s Design Services Network is a leading provider of sophisticated refrigeration, cooling and thermal system solutions for commercial, industrial and scientific system manufacturers worldwide. The company combines testing, design and system-outsourcing capabilities.

The core competencies of Minnesota-based GEA Consulting include technology and product development, manufacturing and process improvement, chemistry and materials, and business globalization.

In addition to complete thermal system outsourcing design capabilities, Design Services Network offers a fully staffed and certified testing laboratory capable of conducting industry standard sanitation and safety assessments, such as NSF and UL tests, or customer-specific performance tests including ASHRAE, ARI, vibration and shipping.

“Through our partnership with GEA Consulting we can assist a broader range of clients in their product development, from the concept phase through final production,” says Rob Lehman, managing director of Design Services Network.

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