Emerson Introducs New Filter Drier

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, announced the launch of the EKZ Filter Drier, an extension of the premier series EK Filter Drier, for systems designed for environmentally-friendly refrigerants like R-410A.
According to Emerson, 25% of air-conditioning equipment in use has transitioned to R-410A, which makes it of increasing importance that components are designed for the newer refrigerant. The EKZ features enhanced moisture removal, and a patented filtration system, to protect systems from contaminants that reduce system life, reliability and efficiency. With this improvement, the EKZ provides better performance than ever with the new refrigerants and is the smart choice for use in new OEM systems.
The EKZ Filter Drier traps moisture, neutralizing this threat to system components and extending the life of the system. This enhanced moisture-removal feature makes the EKZ Filter Drier the best available for R-410A and other HFC refrigerants.
Visit www.EmersonClimate.com for additional information.

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