Emerson Paper Explains Energy Benefits of Scroll Compressors

A new "white paper" report by Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, encourages utility companies, consortiums, and state governments to implement energy-efficiency incentive programs for restaurants and convenience stores that purchase scroll compressor refrigeration equipment.
The paper discusses the benefits of using high-efficiency scroll compressors in refrigeration applications, with an emphasis on ways scroll compressors reduce on-site electricity demand in the foodservice and commercial refrigeration industries, utility companies, consortiums, and state governments.
The paper, titled, "The Demand for Energy-Saving Incentives for High Efficiency Scroll Compressors in Walk-In Coolers," is the second white paper in Emerson Climate Technologies’ ongoing stewardship campaign to promote good energy policies.
The report addresses the refrigeration industry’s concern and need for incentives for energy-efficient refrigeration scroll compressors.
"Scroll compressors are now available for walk-in refrigerators and freezers, offering an energy-efficient solution to maximize the uptime of walk-in equipment and provide lower energy costs," writes authors Harry Moresi, senior engineer, and Brian Buynacek, senior consultant for Emerson's Design Services network. As an example, the authors provide data showing how scroll compressors provide a 20 percent savings when used in walk-in coolers. Less energy requires less fuel, and energy related carbon dioxide emissions, a primary contributor to greenhouse gas, are thereby reduced.
The white paper can be found at www.EmersonClimate.com/energy.

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