Emerson Sets Dates for A/C Scroll Training

Emerson Climate Technologies has announced the dates and locations for its 2007 slate of A/C scroll compressor training classes.
Nov. 14: Chicago IL
Nov. 15, Bloomington, IL
Nov. 16, St. Louis, MO
Dec. 5, Huntsville, AL
Dec. 6, Birmingham, AL
Dec. 7, Atlanta, GA
Jan. 9, Houston, TX
Jan. 10, Austin, TX
Jan. 11, San Antonio, TX
Jan. 23, Nashville, TN
Jan. 24, Chattanooga, N
Jan. 25, Knoxville, TN
Feb. 13, Orlando, FL
Feb. 14, Ocala, FL
Feb. 15, Gainesville, FL
Feb. 27, Wichita, KS
Feb. 28, Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 1, Tulsa, OK
Mar. 13, Chicago, IL
Mar. 14, Milwaukee, WI
Mar. 15, Madison, WI
Mar. 27, Boston, MA
Mar. 28, Providence, RI
Mar. 29, Hartford, CT
April 17, Miami, FL
April 18, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
April 19, West Palm Beach, FL
The sessions in Texas, and those in Boston, Providence, and Hartford will be held in the evening. The others will be held in the morning. For more information, visit www.EmersonClimateContractor.com.

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