Emerson Updates RefrigerantWhite Paper

Constantly evolving regulations and new studies make maintaining best practices in the commercial refrigeration market a moving target. With that in mind, Emerson Climate Technologies has updated its white paper on refrigerants for commercial refrigeration applications. Recent advancements have led to a refresh of the white paper, which is written to provide information to key stakeholders, to address the challenges the industry faces.

"It's important to understand that this is an evolutionary process," said Rajan Rajendran, director Engineering Services. "While today's HFCs are the industry standard, they're certainly not the last step in the process. As a manufacturer of compressors, Emerson Climate Technologies is doing everything we can to improve efficiency and reliability. Working together with companies who produce refrigerants, we will continue to push the industry to reduce our environmental footprint."

The white paper discusses criteria for choosing a refrigerant, updates on refrigerant consumption regulations, recent advancements in the refrigerant sector leading to greener practices, system design considerations for operating at an optimal and responsible level and the future direction of refrigerants in the HVACR industry. Moving forward, the industry can expect to see developments that push towards more environmentally friendly practices that decrease energy consumption. The recently updated white paper provides information on the following changes:

  • TEWI and GWP values
  • Phaseout timelines
  • Regulations
  • New HFC solutions
  • Expanded halogen-free refrigerants
  • Prospects for HFOs and other low-GWP refrigerants.

To download the latest copy of the white paper, visit http://bit.ly/emersonpapers and search down the list for "Refrigerants for Commercial Refrigeration Applications."

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