Enviro-Mold IAQ Services Announces 2003 Mold

Enviro-Mold IAQ Services provides training for future mold remediators and property adjusters. The mold remediation boot camp provides a hands-on experience in dealing with all the aspects of mold remediation. The training includes client contact and initial walk-through, reading lab test results, designing a scope of work plan, building effective containments, removal of mold-infested materials, disinfection of the area, HVAC remediation ,working with insurance adjusters, OSHA compliance, safety issues, contractor liability and insurance issues, customer relations-crisis intervention, and completion documentation

Upcoming dates and locations are:

  • St. Louis, MO, April 9-11
  • Newark, NJ, May 14- 16
  • Charlotte, NC, June 4-6
  • Minneapolis, MN, July 30- August 1
  • Philadelphia, PA, October 1-3
  • Phoenix, AZ, November 5-7

For more information, call 888/595-4393 or visit www.enviromold.com.

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