ePL: Online Learning Center Targets HVAC Commercial Service

e Performance Learning, LLC (ePL) has launched a website that offers information and tools designed to foster the growth of commercial HVAC service companies and their personnel. “We felt we saw a hunger in our industry for some different kinds of learning, some new perspectives,” says ePL President Dean Ferrara. “As an industry, we’ve been dealing with the same problems for years, but there are individuals out there who’ve found new solutions to old problems. Part of what ePL does is to make those fresh discoveries available to more companies.” Located at www.eperformancelearning.com, the site provides expert interviews, innovative information and unique learning opportunities for every function and position within an HVAC service company: owners, administrative personnel, technicians, managers and sales persons. Unlike traditional training, the content on the ePL site is available 24 hours a day. The idea is to let companies and their people get the training they need whenever they need it without having to travel and without interruption to their normal activities. All of the content is available as downloadable text files with some information available as audio files that can be listened to on a computer. ePL is a membership site. Members get unlimited access to learning content as well as a number of business software packages, such as a powerful new tasking and estimating tool, and a sales planning program. Ferrara says members are seeing ePL as an employee benefit of sorts, one that gives everyone monthly access to new ideas and information. “We call it Impact Info™,” Ferrara says. “It’s information that makes employees better at what they do today, and prepares them for advancement within their companies tomorrow.” “Between the learning content and the business tools, the site addresses many different challenges and situations that face commercial HVAC service companies today,” says Tom Walton, general manager of ePL. ePL’s executive advisory board includes Craig Andes, consultant and development manager of Birch Corporation; Bill Garland, president of Daniels Associates Inc., and past president of BOMA International; Marc Sampson, CEO of MECHdata; Al Roach, partner of Callahan/Roach & Garofalo; Thomas J. Winstel, president of Engineering Excellence, Inc.; and Mike Weil, executive editor of Contracting Business magazine. For more information about ePL, call Tom Walton at 303/798-1021, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.eperformancelearning.com.n

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