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FieldCentrix Offers Refrigerant Documentation and Tracking

FieldCentrix, Irvine, CA, a provider of mobile, Internet-based software for field service companies, now offers industry templates that provide readings, tasks, and diagnostics specific to documenting and tracking refrigerant use as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Section 608. Section 608 requires anyone buying refrigerants or servicing refrigeration systems to keep detailed records of the disposition of the product. For example, technicians servicing appliances that contain refrigerant must provide the equipment owner with an invoice indicating the amount of refrigerant added, the service performed, and the date of service. The equipment owner must be able to produce these records if audited. The service company is also responsible for keeping the same records. "Today, most service companies use labor-intensive manual paperwork to track refrigerant," says Judy Johnson, FieldCentrix senior vice president of marketing. "FieldCentrix industry templates provide an automated, efficient, and permanent way to track and report refrigerant handling and usage. It makes the mobile worker's job easier, while providing the documentation needed by customers and the service company to comply with the regulation." "It is imperative that refrigerant is properly tracked," adds Carlos Villareal, FieldCentrix director of corporate development. "If a government audit determines a service company or an equipment owner has incomplete records, they face fines and the loss of certification to purchase or use refrigerants." FieldCentrix’ industry templates, a key feature of the FieldCentrix FX Mobileproduct, are predefined checklists with diagnostics, tasks, and readings that are pre-loaded onto a field service worker's mobile device. Refrigerant tracking data is captured electronically using a wireless handheld laptop, or a desktop PC running FieldCentrix's FX Mobile software. The data is included on the work order summary report provided to a customer, and sent to FX Service Center where it becomes part of the company's database. For more information about FieldCentrix, call 888/552-0101, or visit

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