Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces New Division

Fieldpiece On Site, a new division of Fieldpiece Instruments, introduces three easy options for contractors to upgrade customers’ A/C efficiency and help customers save money and energy. The new installed products are the LER™ module and LER™ motor. LER stands for Latent Energy Recovery. Both products recover energy usually lost in condensing water from air in the evaporator. The contractor can also add a Check Me!® tune up using Fieldpiece HG2 HVAC Guide® system analyzer to save on average an additional 13%, sources state. The Motor and the CheckMe! test can be sold individually or together.

LER Module

The first option is to install the LER module, which helps existing fan motors and A/C systems use less electricity in hot dry climates. This module is a simple modification that technicians install that enables any air conditioner to recapture the latent energy usually lost due to condensation.

LER Motor

The second option is to replace the homeowner’s inefficient PSC fan motor with the new high efficient LER motor. According to company sources, the Fieldpiece On Site LER motor is the only replacement motor on the market with the built-in ability to recapture latent energy normally lost due to condensation.

CheckMe®! Service

The third option is to perform a CheckMe! service with the Fieldpiece HG2 HVAC Guide® system analyzer, either to current systems, or after installation of the LER™ module or LER™ motor. The HG2 CheckMe! Service walks technicians step-by-step through an A/C efficiency tune up, and tells technicians exactly how to tune the system to its maximum efficiency.

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