Financial Nightmares: A Live, Online Interactive Learning Experience

What does it take to stay in business? In an industry first, HVAC Channel.TV presents two one-hour training sessions on how to avoid financial disasters in your business. Ruth King, industry trainer, consultant, lecturer, and current channel manager for HVAC Channel.TV, is the session leader fo these two events. Scheduled for November 11th and November 18th at 7 PM Eastern Time, these classes are attended from the convenience of your home or office...anywhere a connection to the Internet exists. You don't have to worry about missing a customer or taking time out of your workday to attend. The sessions are live. If you miss a session or want to review it, the sessions are recorded so that you have access to them 24 hours per day until the next session. Your investment with this two-week online learning experience is $100 for each company location. Any number of people can participate in the program from one location. Here's what you get for your money: Financial nightmares – Part I - Things that will put you out of business 1. Operate on a cash basis for accounting 2. Believe that you can operate on mark ups rather than margins. 3. Price a job wrong…consistently. 4. Underprice your service rates…and in most cases, not being on flat rate and using it properly. 5. Forget about your customers…no marketing! 6. Forget to bill….or forget to collect. 7. Operate a warehouse supermarket. 8. Grow into “No Man’s Land” and outgrow your cash. Financial nightmares – Part II – Things that you need to do to stay in business 1. Sell service agreements. 2. Understand and implement Ruth’s Rules. 3. Provide quality work and charge appropriately. Earn a net profit over 10% before taxes each year. 4. Review financial statements and the 10 critical financial ratios monthly and understand what they mean. 5. Have a career path for and train your employees. 6. Drip marketing. 7. Say “thank you” to employees/significant others and customers. 8. Send bank statements to your home. Your company will receive a password for this program, after we receive the payment of $ 100 per company location. Any number of people from the same company at the same location can participate. You will be contacted by personnel to give you your password and ensure that your computer has the appropriate free software to participate in this class. To participate, your computer must be set up with Windows 98 or higher, speakers, and access to the Internet. To participate in this event, click here to download a registration form. Print it out, fill it out, and follow the instructions for Faxing it to HVAC Channel.TV.

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