Flanders Bounces Back from Catastrophe

Flanders-PrecisionAire, Inc., designers and manufacturers of precision, high-performance filtration products, reports it has recovered from a fire at its Terrell, TX facility, and a flood which destroyed stock levels in its Auburn, PA, plant.
“These catastrophes caused us to endure an overwhelming decrease in inventory levels for all divisions,” says spokesperson Patti Ellingson.
“Since then, both facilities are back on-line and producing product at normal production levels.”
Before the two catastrophes, Flanders was planning to open four new facilities.
“We have now purchased a total of 552,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, which is now either on line or will be completed by year-end,” says Ellingson.
Flanders’ Washington, NC plant is focused predominantly on pleats and fiberglass disposables.
A plant in Clarkton, NC, produces extended surface filters, with space for future expansions.
A facility in Dallas, TX will be operated in a “focus factory” concept, with an emphasis on supplying the commercial and industrial market segment.
A facility in Matamorous, Mexico has been established as a "maquiladora" in conjunction with the Dallas and Terrell sites. (A maquiladora is a factory that imports materials and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis for assembly or manufacturing, and then re-exports the assembled product, usually back to the originating country.)
“We have taken steps to insure that we will be able to meet customer demand in 2007 by adding additional capacity through existing and new facilities,” says Ellingson.
For more information, visit www.flanderscorp.com.

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