Florida Contractor Wins NORDYNE Contest

It only takes one ticket to win, and Steve Payne had it. The Melbourne, FL HVAC contractor was the winner in NORDYNE’s October giveaway. Payne won one of the industry's newest and greenest refrigerant tools at www.ecoLogicHVAC.com – a YELLOW JACKET TITAN 4-Valve Solar-Powered Digital LCD manifold.

Payne told NORDYNE that he was very impressed with the manifold, as well as the efficiency ratings on some of the newer equipment, including NORDYNE’s 24.5 SEER iQ Drive® air conditioner. He says he plans to offer some of the higher-efficiency systems to customers in 2009.

To learn more about NORDYNE’s environmentally responsible equipment, visit www.ecoLogicHVAC.com.

To learn more about the YELLOW JACKET Solar-Powered Digital LCD Manifold, please visit www.yellowjacket.com

or call 800/769-8370

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