Focus on the Future Knocks Out Attendees in Orlando

May 10 was a day full of motivational superstars and champions as more than 825 business owners, technicians, salespeople, office employees, spouses, and friends gathered in Orlando, FL, for Focus on the Future™ 2004.

The event, hosted by Success Group International™, parent organization of AirTime 500® and Plumbers’ Success International®, is held annually and is open to the entire contracting industry.

This year’s event was held at the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa where Olympic Gold medal winner and boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard highlighted the lineup of speakers.

VenVest COO Al Roach started off the day with an in-depth look at the future and what it takes to become a champion. Carl DiBene, director of the New Millennium Academy™, followed and diagramed his concepts for “building a bridge” to your future and what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Vince Lombardi Jr. shared his father’s inspirational stories of triumph and his own experiences and insight on achieving peak performance.

Terry Nicholson, president of Success Group International, brought his “dare to be a dreamcatcher” maxims to the Focus on the Future attendees.

Ziglar Training’s Krish Dhanam greeted the Focus on the Future crowd with his emotional and inspirational look at overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

Ending the day with a knockout, boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard took to the stage. He motivated the crowd to succeed in their businesses with his stories of determination and perseverance.

For more information on Focus on the Future or Success Group International’s AirTime 500, Plumbers’ Success International, or Electricians’ Success International, call 800/505-8885.

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