Free Booklet Outlines Performance-based Pay Systems

Building Services Institute, Inc. (BSI), Nashua, NH is offering a free booklet on implementing reward systems for field and project management personnel. The booklet, Implementing Profit Achievement and No-Cost Low-Cost Incentive Plans, was written by BSI President Wendell Bedell.

The booklet is designed to help HVAC company owners implement systems that reward field and project management personnel for achieving the estimated profits on quoted service agreement and project work, as well as create reward systems for support staff based on their competencies and behavior.

“Many contractors have proper business delivery processes but fail to have proper incentive plans in place to keep their staff’s eyes on the owner’s (profit) ball,” says Bedell.

To obtain the 12-page booklet, send an e-mail to Building Services Institute at [email protected] with “Performance Pay Booklet” in the subject line. For more information about BSI’s training and consulting services, call 800/240-2823 or visit

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