FREE Whitepaper: Minisplit Condensate Pump Selection

Minisplits have been a part of the HVAC industry since the 1970’s, however many HVAC contractors aren’t aware there’s an entire category of miniature pumps made specifically to control condensate in minisplit evaporators. Consequently, selecting the right pump for the job is challenging.

There are a number of pump styles available to accommodate the different types of installations, most of which are suitable for use with any minisplit manufacturer’s evaporator. Choosing the right pump model, along with installing and wiring it correctly, is the primary key to the installation’s success for appearance, noise level and performance.

Gary Spanger, vice president, Airtec Products, has provided Contracting Business with a whitepaper that describes these considerations in detail. This whitepaper — and many others — can be downloaded at no cost by visiting

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