General Tools & Instruments' Seeker 400 Supports Live Streaming Video

To make official debut at January AHR Expo

The SEEKER™ 400 Series of Wireless Video Inspection Systems from General Tools & Instruments (General®) now includes three models that feature multiple, interchangeable camera-tipped probes and the ability to stream live video over the Internet. These exciting new models will be exhibited and available for order at General’s booth (#C1082) at AHR Expo 2011, January 31 through February 2, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

All three models in the SEEKER 400 Series (DCS400, DCS400-09, DCS400-05) are fully-featured video inspection systems consisting of a standard base unit with a detachable, 3.5 in. diagonal TFT-LCD color monitor enabling remote viewing from as far away as 32.8 ft.. The monitor features 4x zoom and 180 degree image flip.

All three systems include a 3.28 ft.-long, close-focus (depth of field 0.5 5.0 in.) flexible-obedient camera-tipped probe that is waterproof, oilproof and dustproof to IP67 standards. Optional probes are available in various lengths to extend the reach of each system.

The DCS400 features a 0.47-in.diameter probe; the DCS400-09, a 0.35- in. diameter probe; and the DCS400-05, a 0.22- in.diameter probe. The smaller diameter probes enable inspection in narrower spaces. All of the probes are interchangeable and are offered as optional accessories for any of the three units.

The SEEKER 400 is designed for numerous HVACR applications—such as detecting leaks, inspecting corrosion and deposit buildup, and reading hidden part and serial numbers. Each system in General’s SEEKER 400 series offers a cost-effective way to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas and thus diagnose hidden system problems without the necessity of complete disassembly or teardown.

Sources report the SEEKER 400 systems can also be used in a wide number of other applications, including inspecting buildings for mold, leaks or pests and troubleshooting engines and other inaccessible areas of motor vehicles, airplanes and marine craft. Each model in the series provides technicians, mechanics, contractors, repairmen, and even the home DIY user with a powerful and practical inspection instrument capable of recording video and still images, as well as streaming live video.

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