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Goodman Offers CO Training

Goodman Offers CO Training

Field Services Representatives from throughout Goodman Manufacturing's North American distribution network gathered in Marietta, GA, for a full-day “Train the Trainer” program on carbon monoxide safety and combustion system analysis.

The program is part of Goodman’s commitment to providing the best training for their customers. To ensure that their customers know about carbon monoxide safety and combustion system analysis, they had trainers from across North America attend a full day train the trainer program.

The training program was conducted by Bob Dwyer, Director of Training for the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA). Dwyer discussed all aspects of combustion from basic theory to verification of manufacturer’s specifications and advanced flue gas diagnostics testing. Basic building pressure testing was presented to help in the verification of newly installed as well as existing combustion systems.

“This was a great group.” commented Dwyer. Goodman is a major U.S. manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment and when they take a step like this to all get together and focus on progressive actions that they can in turn provide to the contractors installing their equipment, makes for the proverbial win/win situation.”

For more information about COSA call 800/394-5253 or visit their web site at

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