A Great Way to Nexstar-t the Day

Commuters entering White Bear Lake, MN on a recent Monday morning had more to smile about than usual, thanks to the staff of Nexstar®, who were posted at the corner of White Bear Avenue North and Highway 61, greeting and waving to passing motorists.
With a banner proclaiming "Good Morning White Bear Lake," the employees of Nexstar had only one goal, to make
the city a happier place to be on Monday, July 17th.
Nexstar had declared that day as "International Wave Day." They, and more than 350 of their member
companies across North America, had been invited to join in a giant wave across the U.S.,
to put a smile on the faces of the back-to-work crowd.
Nexstar is a professional business training and development organization helping independent
plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical companies improve their business management and
customer service. Nexstar is headquartered in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. For more information
visit Nexstar’s website at www.nexstarnetwork.com.

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