GreenHomes America Addsto California Base

GreenHomes America, a leading provider of Home Performance Contracting services, announced that Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, of Campbell, CA, is joining its national franchise network. This will be GreenHomes America’s fifth location in its home state of California – neighboring their ABC Hayward location – where rebates and tax incentives for residential HPC services are among the most extensive in the country.

“There’s a consistently growing demand for HPC services in California, as there is across most of the country,” said Brett Knox, President of GreenHomes America. “We are prepared to help Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., respond to this demand and look forward to helping them expand their services to Bay Area homeowners.”

Located in the Campbell-West San Jose region of California, Residential has three divisions which constitute their larger business. The new division formed to deliver home performance solutions is called Residential Energy Pro’s. The company president, Cathy Wanzer-Haire, is the second generation of this family-owned and operated business with roots stretching back over thirty years; they have become a leading provider of solutions in the Bay Area. Proof of their client satisfaction comes from the fact that 90 percent of their business is sourced from referrals.

“Our team at Residential believes that continued growth and success comes from taking a ‘house as a system’ approach to solving home comfort issues,” said Wanzer-Haire. “This fundamental approach is also at the heart of the GreenHomes’ philosophy, which makes them an ideal partner to help us break into this new market.”

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