Greystone Energy Joins BACnet®

BACnet International, Atlanta, GA, has announced that Greystone Energy Systems, Inc. one of North America’s largest ISO-registered manufacturers of HVAC sensors and transducers for Building Automation Management Systems, is now a member of BACnet International.

For over 25 years, Greystone has been developing a wide range of products for sensing measurement and transmittal of data related to temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality. Greystone has become a member of BACnet International in response to the massive deployment of the BACnet protocol as well as increased customer demand.

Greystone has established a worldwide reputation as an industry leader by maintaining leading-edge design technology, prompt technical support, and a commitment to consistent product quality and on-time deliveries. After many years as building automation equipment supplier, Greystone has seen BACnet emerge as one of the most important device communications protocols, and joining BACnet International will provide them with access to resources to help ensure their products are meeting the needs of their customers.

“Our customers have asked for BACnet products to ensure building automation system device interoperability, and we have met this challenge.” says Scott MacKinnon, vice president of sales and marketing for Greystone. “Our membership with BACnet International not only demonstrates our commitment to our customers, but also provides an avenue to promote our products and services,” MacKinnon says.

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