Haberberger Completes Projectsin St. Louis County, Jefferson City

Haberberger, Inc., a St. Louis-based mechanical contracting company, recently completed work on three separate projects in St. Louis County, and fourth in Jefferson City, MO.

Hof Construction had Haberberger, Inc. as part of their team to handle the work on the HVAC portion of the new St. Louis County Animal Vector Control Shelter in Florissant, MO.

Haberberger, Inc. also completed two separate installation projects at the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) Grand Glaize plant located in Valley Park, MO. Haberberger’s work on the St. Louis County Animal Vector Control Shelter was part of the larger transformation of a 26,000-sq.ft. warehouse into the new animal vector control shelter.

Haberberger field team members successfully worked with Dan Hof and Tony Perotta of Hof Construction to complete the HVAC installation project in a timely manner. Work at the MSD Grand Glaize plant took place between April and September as the Haberberger team tackled two separate projects at the facility. In the first project, Haberberger installed a Redundant Washer Compactor at the plant by relocating an existing washer compactor and modifying the piping and electrical for the new equipment. Haberberger’s second project at the MSD Grand Glaize plant included the installation of new valves and piping in four different splitter boxes.

In a project completed in October of this year, Haberberger completed work on the mechanical portion of a project to add ultraviolet treatment to the Jefferson City Water Reclamation Facility in Jefferson City, MO.

The crew was led by project manager Jeff Roberts, and general foreman Clay Buxton, in conjunction with Sircal Construction. The team tied 54-in. ductile iron pipe into the existing effluent piping to route the plant's waste matter into the ultraviolet facility prior to discharge. When both 54-in. lines were tied in, a portion of the plant had to be shut down in order to safely complete the project.

Haberberger is a leading HVAC mechanical contractor, now in its 63rd year.

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