Haberberger Receives Two MCA Project Awards

Mechanical contracting company Haberberger, Inc., St. Louis, MO, was recently recognized by the Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Missouri (MCA) for its HVAC mechanical installation work at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The project was directed by General Foreman Ron Arbuthnot and Project Manager Todd Kramer. It involved hoisting a 400-ton chiller into the basement mechanical room. Floor slabs had to be removed, and a gantry system was installed to lower the chiller into place.

Due to the security restrictions at the Federal Reserve Bank, Haberberger had to work on the project after normal business hours. This required a great level of cooperation and coordination between equipment deliveries, the City of St. Louis for street blocking permits and the Federal Reserve Bank for access to secured areas. The $370,000 project was completed in two months.

Haberberger received an additional MCA award for its work on Washington University's Genome Sequencing Data Center.

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