Haberberger Rolls On with Two Diverse Projects

Haberberger, Inc., a full-service mechanical contracting company based in Affton, MO announced it has completed work on two different projects at AmerenUE’s Meramec Plant in South St. Louis County.

Haberberger’s team on both projects was headed up by UA Local 562 Superintendent Doug Coonrod and Project Manager Joe Wilhelm.

The first project involved installing an ammonia injection system in order to combat pipe corrosion. This project was especially challenging because it necessitated detailed planning and coordination in order to route 3,000 feet of tubing around operating systems and other obstructions that were present. K&F Electric and Galt Insulation assisted Haberberger with the project.

Haberberger was hired by St. Louis Bridge for the second project, which involved taking on several wastewater improvements at the Meramec Plant to help Ameren comply with new requirements instilled by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD). Haberberger was in charge of constructing AmerenUE’s new waste water system and lift station and integrating the plant’s new sanitary system into MSD’s system. During the project, Haberberger’s team installed 6,000 feet of piping, air relief valves and 2,000 feet of gravity system infrastructure using 2,500 feet of directional boring.

The team had to be particularly cautious to dig accurately and follow proper safety measures because of the 10 to 25-foot depth and proximity to existing underground critical piping. Collins and Hermann, Inc. served as a subcontractor on the project and performed the excavations and borings.

Haberberger, Inc. is a 61-year-old mechanical contracting company that offers complete HVAC installation, customized maintenance programs, process piping and piping fabrication, and refrigeration and energy management services to a variety of industrial and commercial customers.


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