Home Comfort as Art: York Affinity System Praised for Design

The York Affinity furnace and air conditioner was praised for its unique design in an article appearing in the Tampa, FL Tribune.
“[York] replaced the boxy look of its units with brands that look like super computers or are emblazoned with college sports logos,” writes Richard Mullins, in an article titled, “Designing Success,” which appeared in the daily paper in October.
“ More than just decoration, good product design has become one of the most important factors in whether or not a company succeeds financially, especially as so many products (electronics, soap, etc.) do essentially the same thing as their competitors,” writes Mullins.
Mickey Smith, York brand manager, is quoted in the article as saying today’s consumers are more interested in how products look, and that includes the furnace.
“The furnace may sit in the closet or basement, but it’s often sold at the kitchen table, over the Internet, or on the showroom floor,” Smith says. “We need something that’s appealing to the eye.”

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