Home Ventilating Institute is All About IAQ

Indoor air pollution causes health problems for many homeowners, including chronic respiratory disease.
The Home Ventilating Institute is a 50 year-old, nonprofit association that seeks to make people aware of the importance of good home ventilation.
Part of the group's efforts include product certification of residential ventilating fans or air handling systems, providing customer information, and participating in selected building code activities.
HVI was founded by employees of five ventilating products companies, who noticed the lack of what they considered to be good testing and certification programs in the HVAC industry.
Today, HVI represents a wide range of home ventilating products by worldwide manufacturers.
HVI develops test procedures and certification programs for airflow, sound levels, and energy performance for kitchen, bath, and indoor air quality fans and other residential air handling equipment.
HVI's Certified Rating Programs were developed to provide a fair and creditable method for comparing ventilation performance of similar products. All testing is conducted at independent labs, with no affiliations to any manufacturer.
A complete list of HVI-certified products, manufacturers, and brand names can be found in the HVI Certified Home Ventilating Products Directory.
The HVI Home Ventiliation Indoor Air Quality Guide contains specifications, explanations, and tips for home ventilation. Both publications can be found at www.hvi.org.

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