Honeywell Building Controls Recognizes ‘Best-of-the-Best’ at Momentum Conference

Honeywell Building Control Systems recognized ‘best-of-the-best’ at an Awards Gala held at the Momentum Customer Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Award winners included:

ACI Rookie of the Year

Honeywell announced that DR Associates, LLC, based in Denver, CO, has received Honeywell Building Control Systems “2010 ACI Rookie of the Year” award.

Distributor of the Year

Honeywell announced that MI Controls, with offices in Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR, has received Honeywell Building Control Systems “2010 Distributor of the Year” award.

Canadian Contractor of the Year

Honeywell announced that DMA Applied Controls, with offices in Regina, Saskatoon, and Yorkton, Saskatchewan, has received Honeywell’s “2010 Canadian Contractor of the Year” Award.

Contractor of the Year

Honeywell had two award winners in the 2010 Contractor of the Year category. The winners are Southeastern Temperature Controls, based in Birmingham, AL, and Engineered Controls Inc., with offices in Lincoln and Omaha, NE and Clive, IA.

Southeastern Temperature Controls extraordinary performance helped them earn this important designation for the third time,” said Dave Molin, general manager, Honeywell Building Control Systems. “Southeastern Temperature Controls understands the importance of energy efficiency and leverages Honeywell’s technology in all of their building projects.”

“Engineered Controls earned this important designation through its exceptional performance,” said Molin. “By demonstrating their expertise and knowledge of the industry, Engineered Controls focused on growth opportunities in health care, government and education. This is Engineered Controls second “contractor of the year” award and it is their dedication to growth and development, which continues to make them succeed.”

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