Honeywell China Certification to Fight R-410A Patent Infringement

Honeywell has established a new certification program for Chinese air-conditioner manufacturers that identifies them as users of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) R-410A refrigerant purchased from licensed suppliers.
The new program supports Honeywell's continued effort to combat patent infringement worldwide.
As part of the certification, Honeywell will recommend these Chinese equipment makers to key buyers in Europe. To date, leading Chinese appliance manufacturers Haier Group and Hisense Company Ltd. have agreed to join the program.
"The new program further enables our customers and our customer's customers to achieve peace-of-mind knowing they are using our patented energy-efficient HFC technologies," says David Lu, Asia commercial director for Honeywell's Fluorine Products business. "They also can gain other strategic benefits and advantages such as co-marketing opportunities."
Chinese air-conditioner and heat pump manufacturers who incorporate unlicensed R-410A and the purchasers of this equipment in other regions face a range of business risks, from confiscation and destruction of equipment to monetary penalties. Additionally, air-conditioners using unlicensed infringing refrigerants that are imported into the European Union (EU) are increasingly being investigated by EU government bodies and scrutinized by European customers who want to avoid business interruptions.
Honeywell invented and patented R-410A and its use in air conditioning and other applications. This technological innovation has since become the globally accepted standard for use in new residential and light-commercial air conditioning systems.
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