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Honeywell Wins Contract to Make CA Hotels More Energy Efficient

Honeywell has been awarded a $4.7-million contract to implement an energy-efficiency program that will significantly reduce electricity use in small hotels and motels throughout the Pacific Gas Electric (PGE) service territory in northern and central California.
The Cool Control Plus® program from Honeywell Utility Solutions, part of Honeywell Building Solutions, will provide lodging owners with free, energy-saving retrofits designed to eliminate wasteful use of air-conditioning and heating units.
The two-and-a-half-year program will cut consumption and costs for owners, and help the utility meet state conservation targets. It is expected to save 12 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity, enough energy to power more than 1,100 homes for a year.
The plan includes a strategy for conserving energy in hotel rooms that are not in use during most of a day. Occupancy sensors will reduce air conditioning and heating in unoccupied rooms, and save hotel managers an estimated $140 per room per year.
For more information about Honeywell Cool Control Plus, call 866/918-7822, or visit For more information about Honeywell Utility Solutions, please call 800/45-6770 x615, or visit

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