How to Get an Additional $24,000 Value at Comfortech 2003

Comfortech is one of the best values in all of HVAC. Thousands of network opportunities crammed into a few short days in September, plus hundreds of vendors with the latest ways for you to boost your business. And let’s not forget the combined genius of the seminar leaders, just itching to share strategies that can save you mountains of time and put more profit on your bottom line.

But there’s been a little problem…

You see, our seminar leaders conduct a series of 90-minute sessions, delivered to a “classroom” of info-seeking contractors. Often, a point is made that you have got to get some answers on!

So you, like everyone else, swamps the class leader at the end and patiently wait to get your question answered. Since others are waiting too, you can’t get into the meat of your problem. So there you were with “the” expert in the field who could solve it, but the opportunity was missed.

This caused a problem for us too. Seminar leaders have asked for more time in these sessions, but contractors also want more topics. We just couldn’t fit it all in! Until now…

We asked HVAC’s top marketing expert, Adams Hudson to help us out. (No, he’s not a Trade Show expert, but the guy has a knack for solutions!) His idea was unusual. In fact, it was just crazy enough to work. So here it is…

Consultant’s Corner

For Comfortech 2003, we’re going to have a Consultant’s Corner right on the trade show floor. We’ll pick the top experts in different fields from Sales, Marketing, Business Management, and Technical to give those who sign up completely free consulting in half-hour, uninterrupted slots! This puts you face-to-face, with rapid-fire discussions about your specific challenge with the consultant who can help!

These consultants routinely collect $4,000+ just to show up at your business… and they stay booked solid. We’ll have 6 consultants rotating in and out to answer your questions, giving you solid solutions right on the spot. That’s $24,000 of help at your fingertips, just for coming to Comfortech 2003.

But here’s the deal: You’ve got to be quick. There are only five 30-minute sessions per day, per consultant. (From 12:30-3:00 on Thursday and Friday.) With over 1,000 attendees, we don’t expect it to take long to fill these free consulting slots! Once we announce the Consultants, you can either sign up right away on the web, or perhaps snag a slot at their seminar. So watch for info in upcoming issues, or at the Contracting Business Interactive website.

Comfortech 2003 will be super exciting. Make it even more profitable by getting a free, face-to-face consultation right at the show!

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