Huntair Receives Patent for Fan Array Used in Air Handling Systems

Huntair, Inc., Tualatin, OR, has been granted a U.S. patent for a fan array fan section utilized in air-handling systems.
The invention covered by this patent is incorporated in air-handling systems sold by Huntair under the Fanwall trademark. A Fanwall air-handling system is
made up of multiple fan units and the controls to operate them at substantially peak efficiency.
Huntair has additional pending U.S. and foreign patent applications seeking to broaden its protection on this invention.
Conventional single- or dual-fan air handlers can consume much energy, take-up valuable floor-space, and can produce objectionable
sound levels. Air handlers with Fanwall Technology use arrays of smaller, quieter, and more energyefficient
fans to deliver the required airflow. Breaking up the airflow into a fan array allows designers to
optimize fan-wheel geometry and motor horsepower. The result is smaller fans and motors, running closer to
peak efficiencies and reducing energy costs. Redundancy of fan components adds to the unit’s reliability. If
one fan fails, only that portion of the airflow is lost, unlike single-fan air-handlers. Fanwall is ideal for
retrofits of vane axial and centrifugal fan sections.
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