HVAC a Big Topic at Affordable Comfort

Nearly 1,000 building scientists, building contractors, and assorted tradesmen interested in building energy performance gathered in Cincinnati, OH April 15 – 20, for the annual Affordable Comfort conference. The educational tracks ranged from building fundamentals to quantitative evaluation procedures. There were many speakers on hand to discuss building envelope issues, energy efficient windows, and green building practices. Mold and water management were the subject of no less than three sessions and drew large audiences. Though attendance by HVAC contractors is minimal at this conference, heating and cooling related issues were discussed in about 30% of the conference sessions. Mechanical ventilation, combustion testing, HRV-ERV best practices, duct sealing, air distribution, and new high efficiency systems were some of the HVAC highlights. The next annual Affordable Comfort convention will be held March 31 – April 5 2003 in Kansas City, MO. For more information, call 800/344-4866 or go to www.affordablecomfort.org.

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