HVAC COMFORTECH Offers Keys to Business Growth and Prosperity

HVAC Comfortech 2006 — scheduled for Baltimore, MD, September 13-16 — contains dozens of programs and events that will have a lasting, positive impact on HVAC companies across the U.S.
HVAC Comfortech includes a full slate of business management and technical seminars to improve HVAC business profitability, sharpen technicians’ skill level, and provide endless networking contacts contractors can use to help manage and grow their companies now and throughout the coming year.

Comfortech 2006 features five exciting and relevant business tracks:
Business Management: Includes Implementing New Software Into Your Business; How to Create a Profitable Culture; Building Value to Power Your Exit Strategy; Real-world Business Plans; How to Reach, Recruit, and Train Hispanic Workers; Performance-based Pay Systems; and Interview Processes that Work.
Sales and Marketing: Includes Selling and Marketing Award-winning Projects; How to Choose the Right Customer to Keep; Lead Generation based on Strategic Alliances; and a special summit on Publicity and Stealth Marketing.
Technical Sessions include: A Guide to Profitable System Testing; Duct Design 101; Air Infiltration and Insulation; Variable Speed Technology; and Why do We Condemn Cracked Heat Exchangers?
Business Opportunity Sessions Include: Buying a Franchise; Selling Indoor Air Quality; Future Success Requires Looking Back; Using Financing as a Sales Tool.
Presidential Seminars include: Hire and Keep the Best Technicians; A Greener Future Through Energy and Environmental Leadership; Building and Profiting from YOUR Company’s Brand; Keep it Simple but Successful.

In another presidential track — Why and How to Organize Your Business for Continuous Improvement — W. Michael Callahan, president of Callahan/Roach and Garofalo addresses the Importance of Measuring Performance Standards; Al Roach covers Problem Solving Using Team Power; and John Garofalo looks at How Dynamic Leadership Ensures Ongoing Success.

Comfortech 2006 includes the annual NATE technician’s competition, and once again, Comfortech Idol will crown the nation’s best HVAC salesperson!

HVAC Comfortech includes plenty of manufacturer-sponsored parties and events to help you let off some steam, including a Thursday Evening Extravaganza at Baltimore Ravens Stadium.

To register for HVAC Comfortech 2006, visit www.hvaccomfortech.com.

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