HVACR Week Attendees Celebrate Day 2  with Science Museum Party

HVACR Week Attendees Celebrate Day 2 with Science Museum Party

Another great HVAC Comfortech party for busy show attendees.

HVACR Week — which includes HVAC Comfortech, the Commercial HVACR Symposium, and the Engineering Green Buildings Conference — is known for giving attendees many good reasons to work hard and play hard.

On Thursday evening, HVACR Week attendees took some time off after a busy day of listening to seminar presentation and learning about new HVACR industry products with a festive party at the Baltimore Museum of Science.

The event was sponsored by LG Commercial Air Conditioning, Rheem, and Ruud.

Show visitors had an opportunity to wind down as they toured a variety of scientific and archeological displays and interactive games. It was also a chance for Contracting Business editors to talk to some of the people who took time off from their business to improve their business by attending HVACR Week.

"We're here to learn, and to better our company, by staying up to date on cutting edge ideas," said Patrick Nugent, president of John Nugent & Sons, McLean, VA.

"We're here to learn about the next big idea," said his brother, Steve, who adds that the company became a regional leader in geothermal systems after attending HVAC Comfortech five years ago.

"We want our customers to know what we know," he said.

Pat Nugent said he's closing the entire company on Friday, and bringing all 50 of his employees to the show.

"I want our dispatchers, and others who have to talk to customers to know what these products are all about," he said.

"The things we learn at HVAC Comfortech differentiate us from the competition during those meetings with a family around the kitchen table," said Nugent & Sons employee Mike Jackson.

HVACR Week continues today.

HVACR Week 2011 will be held in Indianapolis, IN, Sept. 21-23.

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