ICM Controls Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

ICM Controls Corporation is celebrating 25 years as a leader in the manufacture and supply of electronic controls to the HVACR industry. Its product and process innovation, and focus on setting standards has provided its global customer base with quality, performance and value.

“We’d like to thank our customers for their continued support over the past 25-years, and look forward to expanding our leadership role in the years to come,” says Ron Kadah, President of ICM Controls.

Kadah credits the company’s success to its breadth of product and industry knowledge, strong pipeline of new products, and commitment to customer support. He gives most of the credit, howver, to the company’s true, vertical integration business model.

“We made a commitment years ago to invest in America and in ourselves, and resist the temptation to outsource,” Kadah says. "Made-in-the-USA" is a company ideology.

“The decision to bring everything in house has served us, and our customers, extremely well over the years by providing greater control over both sides of the supply chai," Kadah says.

"Our OEM customers appreciate our greater design flexibility and faster times-to-market, while end-users continue to benefit from our ability to more closely monitor quality and performance on our full-line of OEM and aftermarket products.”

ICM Controls fabricates its own printed circuit boards and molds its own plastics, in addition to the traditional auto and hand assembly processes. Last year, the company completed construction on its new, world-class 84,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility located in North Syracuse, NY.

Visit www.icmcontrols.com for additional information.
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