ICM Controls Launches Fan Coil Thermostat Series and a Solution for Hard Starting Motors

ICM Controls offers better command of the supply chain through true vertical integration.

ICM Controls has released two controls products to help HVAC contractors work through this hot summer with better results.

First, ICM Controls helps to advance the hard start market with its ICM860 RapidStart motor starting solution, featuring patented circuitry with differential voltage sensing technology to engage and disengage the start capacitor with greater precision.

Unlike competitive devices that rely on preset defaults or require the installer to “dial-in” both the pick-up and drop-out voltage ranges on a potential relay, or common PTCR devices that deliver the full power of the start capacitor regardless of motor size, the ICM860 is auto-sensing. It measures the back EMF across the start winding and cuts the start capacitor out of the circuit with greater precision. The ICM860 is UL recognized and rated for 1/12 to 5 HP applications, making it the ideal inventory savings solution for contractors and distributors. It offers easy, 2-wire installation; is not affected by ambient temperature; recycles instantly; and is fuse protected for added safety.

Fan Coil Thermostats
The second new product from ICM Controls is the SimpleComfort SC700 series of fan coil thermostats designed for high voltage fan coil and baseboard applications.

Each of the four UL listed, non-programmable models in the SC700 series support either 24 or 115-277 VAC, 3-speed fan, 4-pipe heat/cool applications with precise comfort controls accurate to +/- 1F. The two SC700V models are auto-changeover; the two SC710V models are manual changeover. All models feature an easy-to-use, mechanical slide bar temperature adjustment and support remote room temperature sensing.

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