ICOR Assigns JSG Associates to Western Territory

ICOR International, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, has assigned JSG Associates, Tempe, AZ, to their western most sales territory.
JSG president John Grier and his team of associates will provide sales and technical support to ICOR's vast network of wholesale distributors and product end users across California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.
"The addition of the JSG team will double our coverage in the west", says ICOR vice president Gordon Mckinney.
"The market for R-22 direct replacements, like our NU-22B® (R-422B) and ONE SHOT®(R-422C), is growing at a substantial rate. With JSG's extensive industry experience and relationships we are confident our products will be well represented during this crucial phase of growth", McKinney says.
For more information, call 800/497-6805 or visit one of the following websites: www.icorinternational.com, www.thecurveblog.com, www.refri-claim.com, and www.icorgreen.com. For refrigerant related diagnostic support (field techs) call ICOR’s Tech-2-Tech hotline at 866/423-8324.

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