ICOR Broadens NU-22B Application Range

After completing a series of diverse lab and field tests with NU-22B™ (R-422B), and conferring with refrigeration component manufacturers, Indianapolis, IN-based ICOR reports that NU-22B can be successfully used to replace R-22 in medium and low temperature systems to –25F SST, as well as high temperature AC applications.
NU-22B ’s accepted application range can also be found within the EPAs current list of acceptable R-22 replacements (SNAP).
According to ICOR, many users are finding that NU-22B is the most economical R-22 replacement option available. Retrofitting an existing R-22 system to NU-22B is a safe, simple, and cost effective process that does not require any change to the systems oil or metering device. ICOR says NU-22B’s versatility will help the HVACR industry reduce inventory costs, help contractors and equipment owners to avoid handling expenses associated with recovered refrigerant oils, and curtail system cross contamination.
NU-22B is a non-ozone depleting HFC and is ASHRAE designated and safety classified A-1 (non-toxic non-flammable). It is certified to UL standard 2182 and produced in ICOR’s ISO 2001-9000 registered Indianapolis facility.
For low temperature R-22 systems that struggle to provide adequate capacity due to age, added load requirements, or poor system design, or if improving energy consumption is a major conversion goal, ICOR’s One Shot® refrigerant could be a more suitable replacement.
For additional product and or application support, call ICOR’s toll free Tech to Tech service line at: 866/433-TECH (8324).

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