ICOR International Lauches Green Shot Initiative

ICOR International, Indianapolis, IN-based producers of the popular alternative refrigerants HOT SHOT, ONE SHOT(C), and NU-22B, has implemented a comprehensive new environmental initiative called Green Shot. The goal of the program is based in concern over environmental issues.
“The primary objectives of the Green Shot Initiative are to reduce our company’s environmental footprint, improve corporate efficiency, and use our communication mediums to encourage other companies and individuals to be better stewards of the environment”, says ICOR Vice President Gordon McKinney.
According to McKinney, ICOR went forward with the initiative knowing it would require some significant internal commitments.
“Doing the right thing isn’t always easy” McKinney says. "Implementing an aggressive environmental program as we have takes a great deal of initial time and energy. But eventually, all of the new policies and practices become second nature, and it's a real win-win endeavor.”
The Green Shot Initiative has four key components that address environmental issues related to
- production and administrative activities
- facility and grounds
- a corporate-supported employee recycling program
- use of the company’s marketing apparatus to improve the environmental consciousness of the industry.
Visit www.icorgreen.com for additional information.
To reach ICOR by phone, call 800/497-6805.

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