ICOR Introduces Improved R-22 Replacement

ICOR International, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, manufacturer and distributor of Hot Shot, One Shot, and NU-22 refrigerant replacements, has introduced a non-ozone depleting (HFC) refrigerant, NU-22BTM.
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has designated the refrigerant as R-422B, with a safety classification of A1. NU22B is nontoxic and nonflammable, and like ICOR's Hot Shot and One Shot, NU-22B is compatible with MO, AB and POE oils. ICOR says NU22B has a greater refrigerating capacity and operating characteristics closer to R-22 than its predecessor (R-417A), and is being used to replace R-22 in residential and industrial application. NU22B is packaged in 25 lb. disposable and bulk cylinders.
Gordon McKinney, vice president and chief operating officer of ICOR, says industry response to NU-22B has been “purely positive.”
“The industry needed an R-22 replacement that is safe for the user and safe for the environment,” says McKinney. “It needed to 'act' like R-22, and, most importantly, it needed to be versatile and easy to use. The industry spoke, and ICOR International listened."
"ICOR International will continue to provide safe and practical refrigerant solutions to satisfy the growing needs of the ever changing HVACR industry," McKinney adds. "Since the majority components of NU-22 (R-417A) and NU-22B are the same, with only a difference in the percentage composition, and the refrigerant's capacity is increased, it is beneficial to top off NU-22 systems with NU-22B when the need arises."
An ICOR technical support team is available to answer questions about NU-22B and ICOR’s other refrigerant products. That team is also involved in the company’s educational ICARE (Instructing Customers on Alternative Refrigerants for the Environment) program. ICARE offers product educational seminars across the country. ICOR welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in an educational program regarding the selection and use of alternative refrigerants.
For more information on ICOR's products and network of wholesale distributors, call 800/497-6805 or visit www.icorinternational.com.

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