ICOR Presents Retrofit Seminar for RSES Members

ICOR International, Inc., conducted a new training program, "Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration: Retrofit Considerations," at the April meeting of the Indianapolis chapter of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES).
The presentation focused on performing a retrofit from an HCFC to a HFC refrigerant, and was led by David Callender, a member of the ICOR Technical Support Team.
Topics included governmental compliance, refrigerant options, system lubricants, and system controls.
The training seminar is a two hour NATE-accredited course which can be applied to the NATE continuing education program.
ICOR International, Inc., conducts hundreds of free training seminars across the U.S. each year.
Each ICOR training program attendee receives a certificate of completion. For more information, visit www.icorinternational.com or call 800/497-6805.

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