IEC National Rep Meeting: The Big Gorilla is Back

"Honoring the Past While Looking Forward" was the theme of the first International Environmental Company (IEC) national independent sales representative meeting, August 22-23, at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Nearly 140 reps from across the country came to hear President Larry Jewell, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Dennis Kloster, and other IEC executives as the "new" IEC was rolled out.

The biggest change noted at the meeting is the new marketing and positioning thrust of the company. According to Jewell, "The days of quietly flying beneath the radar screen are over. It's time to focus on the external part of our business — sales and marketing." Dennis Kloster echoed the sentiment, "After spending many years as a recognized expert in custom solutions, but still a very well kept secret in the market, IEC is going to begin taking credit for the leading positions it has in certain segments."

The company is best known for its modular stack units, most often seen in the hospitality industry. Nine of the 10 largest casinos in Las Vegas use IEC products. A newer item in the fold is an integrated circulator for demand control pumping, the SureFlow system, that reduces labor and field piping for installers. The ability to run one size of pipe throughout a building helps to reduce step-down piping. Savings can be as much as 15-20% according to the company.

IEC invested heavily in manufacturing and engineering growth after 2001, in order to fuel the projected sales growth the company expects in the near future. Jewell says, "Our manufacturing has become a true example of the lean environment process."

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