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Indoor Air Quality Is The Topic Of Rses Seminar

Current issues of indoor air quality and how to take preventive and corrective steps to ensure clean air will be discussed when the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES), the Buckeye State Association and Tecumseh Products Company present a one-day seminar titled “Indoor Air Quality: Beyond the Basics.” The seminar will take place on Aug. 24, 2002 at the Best Western Springdale Hotel and Conference Center in Cincinnati, OH. Attendees will learn valuable, up-to-date information that will lead to the effective diagnosis, response and management of indoor air quality problems. Attendees also will understand how to identify the causes of IAQ problems, health and environmental issues pertaining to IAQ and how servicing HVAC systems impacts IAQ. Attendees also will learn how to respond to IAQ-related complaints and how to create an effective IAQ action plan. Seminar topics to be explored include: historical perspective on IAQ; basic concepts; ventilation; HVAC system design and microbial contamination; pressurization; relative humidity and IAQ; environmental allergens; HVAC services and their impacts on IAQ; retrofitting HVAC systems; air filtration and industry standards. Seminar registration fees are $195 for RSES members and $295 for non-members through Aug. 10, 2002. Fees will be $220 and $320, respectively, thereafter. Fees are $245 for members of an industry-related organization. For more information, contact Jean Birch at 847/759-4046 or visit

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