The Industry's Number One Under-slab Insulation

The Industry's Number One Under-slab Insulation

Insul-Tarp reduces the downward heat loss of the radiant heating system, redirecting it back into the living area. Easy to Handle: Lightweight Insul-Tarp rolls come in four sizes: 6-ft. x 25-ft.; 6-ft. x 50-ft.; 12-ft. x 25-ft.; and 12-ft. x 50-ft.

Quick Installation: Insul-Tarp can take less than a quarter of the time of conventional insulation to install. Installation around plumbing is almost effortless.

Quicker Response Time: Response time is quicker and more consistent due to superior reflective properties, and Insul-Tarp significantly decreases heat loss.

Effective Vapor and Radon Barrier: Insul-Tarp's low perm rate allows it to act as a vapor barrier, effective in preventing radon gas infiltration. For more information, phone 309/698-0062, or visit — InsulationSolutions

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