Invironment Institute Provides Virtual Classroom for IAQ

The Chelsea Group has introduced the Invironment Institute, which it says is a new and efficient way to gain knowledge about the indoor environment in a “virtual classroom.”

The Invironment Institute features online classes with:

  • A live instructor
  • Telephone interaction between students and teachers
  • Internet slide presentations
  • Two-hour scheduled courses.

Courses include topics such as IAQ and Health, which is designed to help students identify, quantify, and interpret the health and physical indicators of IAQ problems; and develop and present a situation analysis of IAQ issues for management review and approval.

Other topics will include Sampling and Testing Basics, Standards of Care for Indoor Air Quality, and Diagnosing Mold and IAQ Problems.

To ake a “tour” of the Invironment Institute’s virtual campus, visit

For more information, call The Chelsea Group at 800/626-6722.

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