IRC Rebrands as InsideIQ™ Building Automation Alliance

The Independent Representative Council (IRC) has a new name—InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance—to complement an exciting new brand.

A group of independent contractors specializing in building environmental and security-system controls and services, the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance includes 47 member companies who work together to provide building owners and operators with a one-stop resource for enhancing their indoor environments.

According to Bruce Michelson, president of the Alliance, the new name is part of a comprehensive rebranding initiative designed to promote the group’s customer centric local presence as well as its ability to compete alongside the industry giants. Included in the rebranding campaign are a new logo, new design standards, a nationwide marketing communications campaign and a new web site.

“Our member companies employ over 4,200 people, and generate more than $1.1 billion in annual revenue,” Michelson said. “The combination of our ability to scale our resources for large and small projects alike, along with our on-the-ground expertise in local markets gives us a competitive advantage in both market knowledge and service capabilities”.

“As a result, we think the time has come to bring an entirely new face to the market. Our enhanced identity and look take us to a whole new level, and emphasize why InsideIQ is in the best position to deliver innovative building controls and services for long-term business ROI,” he added. The 47 member companies from across the U.S., Canada and The Netherlands will convene in Nashville, TN, October 14-16, 2012 to officially launch the new organization and its rebranded web site.

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