ISL Particpates in California Trade Show

International Service Leadership,Nashville, TN, a member of the
Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. (IHACI) participated as
an exhibitor at the recent Product Equipment Trade Show event held in
Pasadena, California on November 15.
The event featured many industry suppliers, and hada Rock’n Roll flair.Many exhibitors participated in the theme through either decoration or activities
to draw attention to their display. ISL participated by hosting a drawing for an
IPod Nano. From nearly 100 participants, one winner was drawn at the end of
the event. Mr. Joe Poplar, owner of LaCanada Air Conditioning Heating in
Glendale, California was the lucky recipient.
ISL is a membership organization for residential HVAC and plumbing contractors
throughout North America and Canada. They provide business resources,
training and networking opportunities for its members with a comprehensive
Course of Action program designed exclusively “For Contractors, By
Contractors.” International Service Leadership is headquartered in Nashville,
Tennessee and is privately owned by HVAC contractors.
For more information contact Julie Eudy, Membership Recruiting Marketing
Coordinator, at (866) 676-0504.

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